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  • Schedule From

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    Never Worry About Being Understaffed

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    Track Time and Attendance

  • Send Shift

    Boost Employee Accountability

  • Track Payroll

    Forecast Labor Expenses Faster

It has turned our 3hr/week scheduling nightmare into an
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Blake H.

Don’t waste another minute trying to schedule your teams using clunky tools
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Shifthub is a When I Work-powered employee scheduling software tool. Use Shifthub to manage hourly workers, build employee scheduling templates, fill open shifts, send shift reminder alerts, forecast labor costs, track time and attendance, and more. Build employee schedules faster from your desktop or smartphone. Prevent no-shows and reduce tardiness by utilizing our built-in time clock software. Spend less time wondering whether your employees are going to show up for their shifts, and more time doing things that actually help you grow your business.

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